Shetland Sheep are a British breed thought to have been brought to the Shetland Islands of Scotland by Vikings over a thousand years ago. For years they evolved in isolation in the harsh habitat of these islands. Because of this natural selection, they are a more diverse breed in appearance and traits. Many of their primitive characteristics, such as their small size, long life, easy lambing, and strong maternal instincts are still evident in the breed today.


Purebred Shetland Sheep are small and fine boned with most rams weighing about 125 lbs and ewes about 100 lbs. The ewes are usually hornless, and the rams can be either polled or horned. They are born with short, fluke shaped tails that do not require docking. Shetlands tend to breed late in the fall. First time mothers usually produce a single lamb but twins are common in adult ewes. Their size as well as their calm and friendly nature makes them easy to manage. They are very personable and often wag their tails when scratched.

We began raising Shetlands in 2001. Our breeding program strives to find a balance between conservation and improvements while maintaining the primitive characteristics and genetic variations of the breed.  Selecting for physical soundness and quality fine wool.

Most of the original Shetlands in North America were imported into Canada in the early 1980’s. After five years in quarantine, offspring were brought into the United States. Regulations now prohibit the importation of any more Shetlands. The USDA has granted a temporary permit to import semen from Britain. This is the only way available to broaden the genetic base of the breed here in North America.

The health of our flock is very important to us. We worm twice each year and rotate wormers every year as well as incorporate some natural deworming methods. Any sheep that we take out of the flock to show are quarantined for two weeks when they return. We are enrolled in the Scrapie Mandatory Program #MN58.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about our Shetland Sheep. We can provide photos, pedigrees and fleece samples.


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